Want to look your best during the time of festivities? Opt for HD (high definition) make-up products, emerald green eyeshadow and soft coral lip shades, suggest experts.

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Experts have listed make-up tips:


  • After the application of primer or BB crème, it’s time to apply high definition silicon base.
  • The presence of minute crystal particle makes the skin glowing and gives an even finish.
  • It gives an illusion effect to your make-up and makes you look scintillating even in the presence of lights.
  • In order to look natural, HD make-up is suggested.


  • Accentuate eyes with eye shadows shades like charcoal brown, deep bronze and smoky black.
  • If your skin tone is brown, then emphasise your eyes with a shade of emerald green.
  • Put on some sparkling metallic shades like bronze, gun-metal grey or even gold, in keeping with the festive spirit.


  • Use sculpting serum with blush on shades like peach, mild gold or blend of both peach and gold.
  • If you want to avoid peach then blend gold with the lightest shade of your attire from your make-up palette.


  • Try with a dark brown shade of blusher on the edges of your nose — over the chin to camouflage your double-chin and endow your face with a chiselled look this Dandiya night.


  • Go light on the lips with soft corals.
  • On the flip side, if you are a fan of darker colours, orange and deep red is the key for that contemporary bold and traditional look at the same time.
  • If your eye make-up is dark, let the lip make-up remain light and vice-versa.

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  • The flowering bun is a really trendy option, all you have to do is make a simple knotted bun behind your head.
  • Decorate it with a flower like sunflower or dahlia on the side or something as basic and elegant as a gajra.
  • The flower should cover at least half of your bun.
  • Or if you want to avoid any of the floral made-ups, accessorise your hair bun with hair accessories like kundan pins, delicate kundan work chains to hold your bun.
  • You could also go for a fish braid, messy bun, side braid or any other braid-style to be the limelight of the Dandiya occasion.

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Beauty spots:

  • Dandiya is the only occasion probably in which black dots/bindis can be flaunted with innate grace — that too over any part of body.
  • These dots add a dash of girly charm when drawn in a proper manner on chin, corners of the eyes, forehead, wrist, ankle or arms.
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