Moisture in the air, humidity, rain or even perspiration, can cause your hair to become fuller and wilder! To keep puffy hair in control, there are some tips and techniques which can help you achieve tamed, lustrous and groomed tresses for instance going for hair taming or systematizing your routine, say experts.

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Tips on how you can get rid of frizzy hair:

Select the right conditioner for your hair:

  • The right conditioner can be the best way to put moisture back into your frizzy curls.
  • Use an anti-frizz conditioner with keratin protein.
  • There are rinse-out and leave-in conditioners available in the market, choose your conditioner according to your lifestyle.

Systemize your hair wash routine:

  • Washing hair too often can result in a loss of natural oils which help in keeping your hair nourished and hydrated.
  • Aim to wash hair only two to three times a week.
  • Look for a sulfate free, chloride free, Paraben free and TEA DEA free shampoo.
  • It increases moisture retention by gently cleansing your hair & scalp and hydrating it from inside out.

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Hair taming:

  • Hair taming or Keratin treatment rejuvenates hair strands while relaxing hair for up to 5 months.
  • Hair Taming is much more natural and uses way less chemicals than rebonding or hair smoothening.

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Experts also lists some important steps:


Brush your hair the right way:

  • Brushing disrupts the hair cuticles; it can also stretch the hair and cause breakage.
  • Towel-dry your frizzy hair after a shower and finger-comb it while it’s still wet.
  • Then, add a small amount of serum or soothing conditioner.
  • If you need to comb your hair, do so with wet fingers.
  • Finger combing can help tame frizz and de-tangle your hair, you may also use detangle comb for the same.
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Dry your hair before blow-drying:

Trim your hair:

  • Sometimes damage from split ends adds to unhealthy looking hair.
  • The more splits you have, the more you’ll suffer from frizz.
  • The easy solution is to get a haircut or at least trim the split ends every six months, it would help in getting the desired look.

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