Working out is what keeps your endorphins free flowing. It’s the simplest way to kick off those blues and love your body back, with all the hard work you’ve been putting in – Don’t let it rain on your parade.Get few simple exercising devices like dumbells, skipping rope, and resistance tubes at home and try hardcore floor exercises like planks, crunches and leg raises.

Fitness during Monsoon:

  • Fitness is not just a habit.
  • It is a lifestyle.
  • In addition,one that requires commitment.
  • Furthermore, dedication so don’t let monsoon dampen your spirits.
  • Some quick and easy steps like working out indoors.
  • Also getting few simpler exercising devices can do the trick for you, say experts.

Simple things to keep in mind during rainy days:

  • Gagan Arora who is a Reebok Master Trainer.
  • He encourages you to keep your body engine fueled every day.
  • He also suggests to run miles,stay active and dance workout etc.

Run those miles:

  • The body is waterproof so do not fret to take those extra laps in the rain.
  • An outdoor workout keeps the body metabolism going.
  • Also helps you stay fit and energized.

Stay active through the day:

  • If heading out in the rain is not your cup of tea, workout indoors.
  • Pack in a short 30 – 40 minutes schedule that includes a mix of squats, push-ups, planks.
  • Apart from homemade food, add seasonal fruits and vegetables along with lean meat to your diet.

The ‘Right’ Gear:

  • Wear bright coloured speed wick or Active Chill fitness gear and socks.
  • As they will keep you cool during humidity.
  • In addition, dry quickly and reduce the chances of chaffing.

Monsoon gateways:

  • Take a break from your routine and unwind with a quick getaway during the rains.
  • Plan a fun ‘Fitcation’ that includes long walks.
  • In addition, fun outdoor games with family and friends to stay active.
  • Furthermore, energized and light this monsoon.

Vitamins are vital:

  • Add vitamins to your diet.
  • For keeping infections at bay.
  • In addition,maintain your energy levels.
  • Get enough rest, stay indoors and relax if not feeling well.
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