NFTs are a hot commodity in the digital asset space right now. In 2021, NFTs were the most searched term online.

There has been a continuous explosion of interest and worldwide adoption of this digital asset, with people spending millions or even tens of millions of dollars. 

NFTs are modern-day collectibles that are bought and sold online. This asset is one of a kind as they are based on blockchain technology. One of the NFTs taking over the digital space is Crazycatz NFT. 

The idea behind Crazycatz NFT

Crazycatz is an NFT collection of 8,800 unique designs with 200+ total traits that combine Chinese and Western culture. 

The idea behind CrazyCatz came from the desire to create an NFT collection that connects the real world to the digital world. One of the ways that the owners did this was by forming real partnerships with established companies. 

One of the company’s that CrazyCatz partnered with is the No Rules company. The company’s collaboration resulted in the launch of Crazycatz branded craft beer. The collaboration solidified Crazycatz as a credible NFT collection that can be trusted. 


Crazycatz is without a doubt the future of Web3 collectibles

NFT sales amounted to over $2.4 billion in the first 6 months of 2021. Over the years, there have been exciting developments with NFTs such as an NFT that sold for $532 million

Around three years ago, the NFT market amounted to $42 million. Yet, in 2021 alone, more than 28.6 million wallets were traded in the NFT space. No doubt the future is bright for NFTs. 

Andreas and William are the creators of the Crazycatz collection. Both are established 3D artists who have won multiple awards over the years for their creative and artistic abilities. The two have also created videos that have been shown in Times Square, New York. 

Providing real-world utility

Crazycatz NFTs bring trust, longevity, and real-world utility to the market. This digital asset is unique because it combines both Western and Chinese cultures. What’s more, they are unique, irreplaceable, and offer exclusive ownership of the blockchain. 

Crazycatz’s new collection comes with unique benefits and perks. All current holders are entered into a giveaway to be airdropped free NFTs from this collection.

Crazycatz is committed and determined to dominate the present and the future. They plan to blend the bridge between the digital and physical world, including NFTs, crypto, web 3, and the metaverse. 


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