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‘One Nation One Poll’, A webinar was hosted by Gaurav Bhatia

Gaurav Bhatia

‘One Nation One Poll’, A webinar was hosted by Gaurav Bhatia.

With the aim to build a national consensus and spread awareness on the need for “one nation, one election”, a webinar was hosted by  Gaurav Bhatia, Senior Advocate and National Spokesperson of the BJP.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.K. Sikri, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, Shri. BhupenderYadav, Member of Parliament, RajyaSabha and Shri.Parag P. Tripathi, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court and Former Additional Solicitor General of India spoke on why simultaneous elections are needed and the legalities involved in doing so.

Justice Sikri said:

  • This is not new, first four general elections of independent India were simultaneous elections.
  • And this change occurred because as in late 1960’s non congress parties started forming the government at the state level like in U.P, Bengal, Punjab, Haryana. And then in 1969 there was a division in Congress and then the 1971 war happened.
  • Mid-term fresh elections were to be conducted and were not coinciding with the general elections.
  • Election Commission and the Law Commission of India supported the idea of simultaneous elections.
  • If it is possible without compromising on any other value it will an ideal situation.


  • The object of Democracy is Good Governance and the elections are its means.
  • If democracy is to be strengthened, then 3 things are needed, consistency for development, continuity for democratic values ​​and transparency for governance.
    • In the 2019 VidhanSabha elections of Odisha, the public voted for Janata Dal whereas same time when voted for LokSabhathe public voted for BJP and the BJD. The voters there gave such a mature mandate.

    Parag P. Tripathi :

    • Elections are linked with democracy and democracy is a way of governance.
    • This was an idea which had already been implemented in 1952 and went on till 1967.
    • Sovereignty and identity of a state is reinforced by having simultaneous elections.
    • This is good for the quasi federalism and cooperative federalism of our country.

    Gaurav Bhatia :

    • This issue impacts every citizen of our country, he quoted Mr. H.M. Seervai “I realise that some of my criticisms may be mistaken, but to refuse to criticise judgments from fear of being mistaken is to abandon criticism all together. If any of my criticism is found to be correct my cause is served and if any are found to be incorrect, the very process of finding out my mistakes must lead to the discovery of the right reasons or better reasons than I have been able to give and the cause is served just as well.”
    • One nation one poll causes no danger to the federal structure of our country.
    • In 2016-17, out of 365 days model code of conduct remained in force for 307 days.
    • When one nation one tax (GST) was implemented, many people thought that it is an impossible task but it was achieved with the spirit of cooperative federalism.
    • Prime Minister Shri. NarendraModiji has also shared his vision for ‘One nation one Ration card’
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Reporter : 'One Nation One Poll', A webinar was hosted by Gaurav Bhatia

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