India must answer China fearlessly and help Tibet also, says Tibetan activist writer Tenzin Chundu

India must answer China fearlessly and help Tibet also, says Tibetan activist writer Tenzin Chundu

Karnal: Tibetan writer and activist Tenzin Chundu, is marching from Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh to India’s national capital of New Delhi for the independence of Tibet from China with a tricolor in his hand.
Chundu says that the main purpose of his more than 500 hours foot march is to change India’s policy towards China which has been in existence for over 70 years so that Tibet gets independence from China and India’s security interests are also secured.
In conversation with this reporter along with his colleagues while on his way to Delhi Chundu lashed out at China saying, “After the Galwan Valley massacre, a befitting reply must be given to China but the reply should be diplomatic rather than a mix of fight and diplomacy. Tibet is the answer of diplomacy.”
He further said, “I am a Tibetan, born in India, as such whenever there is a threat or pressure from China, I have double duty, one as a Tibetan, the other as an Indian. Whenever India will raise the issue of Tibet, it will be very easy for India to counter China, but so far it has not happened. China cannot be given a befitting reply unless the issue of Free Tibet is raised prominently by India.”
“Till today India has not been able to understand China properly, China has reached the Himalayan border after occupying Tibet. Earlier there was no border between India and Tibet. Much of Indians don’t know much about this,” he said while explaining the objective of his foot march, adding, “When I meet the people of India during the march, I see that they have a lot of opposition to China. I often tell them that China has captured Tibet and is putting pressure on India. Tibet and its people are in complete control of China and as such are leading difficult lives. Human rights are being violated openly.”
The activist writer further says, “The whole country has been reduced to a camp. The Tibetans are fighting hard to save their language and culture. If India rejects the One China policy, then in return, India can challenge China by coming into power position and give a befitting reply. The people of India are keenly listening to us. Everyone says that a befitting reply must be given to China.”
“We want only one thing, freedom of Tibet and security of India. Taking the tricolor along, generally people hug and talk. The Prime Minister must understand this and answer to China must be given,” he said.
On the withdrawal of the army in Galwan valley Tenzin said that it is a small chunk of land from where the army is being removed. “China has betrayed and stabbed India on its back on many occasions previously. India should not trust China at all,” he commented.

The aim of the march is to make people aware of the situation of the Tibetan people, and to create awareness and new point of view. The march will end, but the campaign to change one China policy will continue. He says that,” I will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and request him that One China policy must be changed.”
“We want all countries to live together in peace but China is not like the rest of the countries. There is no democracy in China. The Chinese citizens are suffering. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that China is an expansionist country. The Indian people must be informed about the expansionist policies of China. Now the time has come to change the One China policy. The whole world is showing an exit to China. The whole world is trying to change One China policy. Now is the chance for India to respond. This will end our dependence on China,” he concluded with.

He further added that he has requested the prime minister that- “Opposition to One China policy is in the interest of Indian people and that the people are suffering under this policy.”

India will become self-sufficient by opposing the One China policy. India must answer China fearlessly. India must understand its strength for it will give India an identity not only in Asia but the whole world.

Indians have no idea about Tibet, And the border of India has never had been with China, the border was with Tibet. The Indians keep talking about the China border, however, it is not like that. It is not the Chinese but the Tibetan border, the limit of which is 25 lakh square kilometers. The people living in Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal share a common bond of brotherhood. They are connected by the common bonds of religion, culture and language. China has arrived in Tibet and it must be given a befitting reply so that India proves not only in Asia but in the whole world.

Tenzin Chundu said that -” India is Tibet’s guru and should the Guru not help its disciple. Tibet is associated with India. With Tibet, India’s borders will remain secure.”
India should raise the issue of Tibet and put pressure on China, which will liberate the Tibetan people from atrocities to a great extent. Foot marches are being carried out till Delhi to change the One China policy.

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