“Namaste” : Painting Exhibition by Hyon Ju Kim & Damon Kowarsky
June, 19 2018 12:21
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“Namaste” : Painting Exhibition by Hyon Ju Kim & Damon Kowarsky

By: Minni Dixit

Published on: Sun 08 Oct 2017 08:34 AM

Uttar Pradesh News Portal : “Namaste” : Painting Exhibition by Hyon Ju Kim & Damon Kowarsky

Lucknow experienced its first International Duo Artist Exhibition “Namaste” at Kala strot Aliganj which was inaugurated by Chief Guest Aashrita  Das , Principal Lamartiniere Girls college Lucknow.

Painting with lithography and etching techniques:

  • Hyon Ju Kim from South Korea studied at Visva – bharti University, shantiniketan India and Dankook University south korea.
  • Her paintings were colorful and full of imagination.
  • She told us that earlier she use to make paintings with less colors but
  • as she started living in India She was mesmerized by the colorful and
  • diverse culture of India and then she started painting using different colors and patterns.
  • For her paintings she use Water color, ink pen and other pen works.
  • Earlier she exhibited her paintings at Australia, korea, Pakistan, france,
  • Egypt, Nepal,china etc and this was the second time she is visiting Lucknow.

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  • The other artist who displayed his work was Damon Kowarsky from Australia,
  • where kim’s painting is full of flora and fauna, Damon’s painting had more Architectural side to it.
  • He uses the technique called “Etching” And “Lithography” for his paintings which require lots of patience.
  • He also won many national and international awards for his excellence in paintings.
  • In a series of thought-provoking works, Damon Kowarsky creates the areas of Dubai, Delhi, Udaipur, and Mandu where he visited.
  • Both the artists visited Lucknow for the second time, but it’s their First exhibition which they hosted ever till now.
  • Apart from many prominent faces , lots of young artists also came there to learn from the exhibition, they just not enjoyed the event but also asked many questions regarding the techniques and patterns.
  • Talking about Lucknow both of them found Bara Imambara truly majestic and Residency on the other hand a quite place where they would like to go, sit and paint for hours.
  • This exhibition is on at Kala Strot Aliganj till 14th October from 11.00 am to 8.00 Pm

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