Lack of Vitamin E in kids may affect learning skills
June, 23 2018 15:36
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Lack of Vitamin E in kids may affect learning skills

By: Shivani Arora

Published on: Sat 29 Jul 2017 11:07 AM

Uttar Pradesh News Portal : Lack of Vitamin E in kids may affect learning skills

Babies who lacked vitamin E nourishment when in the womb are likely to be at an increased risk of developing impairments in mental skills such as learning and metabolic problems, a research has showed.

According to a Research:

  • The study, conducted on zebrafish.
  • As their neurological development is similar to that of humans.
  • It showed that vitamin E-deficient embryos of zebrafish had more deformities.
  • In addition,greater incidence of death as well as an altered DNA methylation status through 5 days after fertilization.
  • Furthermore, the time it takes for a fertilised egg to become a swimming zebrafish.
  • However, even after being fed with vitamin E-adequate diet, after their birth, these fish failed to learn and were found afraid.
  • Although they manage to get through the critical period to get the brain form.
  • They were stupid and didn’t learn and didn’t respond right.
  • Maret Traber, Professor at the Oregon State University (OSU) in the US.
  • Said,as a result of vitamin E deficiency, the brains of these embryos’ continued to lack choline.
  • In addition, glucose and simply did not develop correctly.
  • They had so much oxidative damage they essentially had a screwed-up metabolism.
  • These outcomes suggest embryonic vitamin E deficiency in zebrafish causes lasting impairments that aren’t resolve via later dietary vitamin E supplementation.

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Free Radical Biology and Medicine:

  • The researchers explained in the paper published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine.
  • The problem may exacerbated in women of child-bearing age who avoid high-fat foods.
  • Also may not have a diet rich in oils, nuts and seeds, which are among the foods with the highest levels of vitamin E.
  • Vitamin E, an antioxidant necessary for normal embryonic development in vertebrates.
  • Further, the Zebrafish with deficiency in Vitamin E also had metabolic defects and indications of mitochondrial damage.


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