Higher sun exposure may cause eye freckles!
June, 20 2018 22:24
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Higher sun exposure may cause eye freckles!

By: Minni Dixit

Published on: Fri 21 Jul 2017 05:45 PM

Uttar Pradesh News Portal : Higher sun exposure may cause eye freckles!

A higher lifetime exposure to sunlight may increase the risk of developing eye freckles or dark spots on the colored part of the eye (iris), researchers warned.

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According to researchers:

  • The findings showed that eye freckles could indicate the presence or risk of sunlight-triggered eye diseases.
  • These diseases include cataract or macular degeneration.
  • Furthermore, the development of eye freckles also correlated with increasing age.
  • Number of sunburns and a history of severe sunburns may result in blisters, the researchers reported.
  • “While we do not know the exact role of sunlight in several eye diseases, we now have a biomarker (iris freckles) indicating high amounts of chronic sunlight exposure,” said an ophthalmologist
  • In addition, people with dark colored eyes were found less likely to have eye freckles.
  • Furthermore those who maintained better sun protection habits like using sunscreen or covering up are also less likely to have freckles.
  • Over 600 swimmers at public pools  had their eyes examined for freckles.
  • Furthermore they also filled out a questionnaire that asked about their lifetime sun exposure and sun-protection habits.
  • Researchers also found that freckles were most commonly found in the lower outer quadrant of each eye.
  • This may be because the eyebrow and nose shield the upper and inner quadrants of the eye from the sun.
  • In addition it lowers the exposure and the risk of developing freckles.

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