Drinking black tea may help you lose weight
June, 19 2018 12:31
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Drinking black tea may help you lose weight

By: Shivani Arora

Published on: Wed 04 Oct 2017 08:07 PM

Uttar Pradesh News Portal : Drinking black tea may help you lose weight

Love to drink black tea? It may be as beneficial as green tea in preventing obesity and promoting well-being, researchers say.

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What findings showed?

  • The findings showed that chemicals found in black tea — called polyphenols.
  • It alters energy metabolism in the liver by changing gut metabolites.
  • Previously, it was known that green tea polyphenols are more effective.
  • And offer more health benefits than black tea polyphenols since green tea chemicals are absorbed into the blood and tissue.
  • However, “our new findings suggest that black tea, through a specific mechanism through the gut microbiome.
  • In addition,may also contribute to good health and weight loss in humans.
  • The results suggest that both green and black teas are prebiotics,
  • Furthermore,substances that induce the growth of good microorganisms that contribute to a person’s well-being.

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  • For the study the team conducted experiments on mice that consumed a high-fat, high-sugar diets and were supplemented with green tea or black tea extracts.
  • Both groups had lesser type of bacteria associated with obesity, but had more of bacteria associated with lean body mass.
  • However, only the mice that consumed black tea extract had an increase in a type of bacteria called Pseudobutyrivibrio.
  • In addition,which could help explain the difference between how black and green tea change energy metabolism.

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The findings suggest that the health benefits of both tea go beyond their antioxidant benefits. And that both have a strong impact on the gut microbiome.

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