A healthy lifestyle may help reduce asthma symptoms
June, 19 2018 12:26
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A healthy lifestyle may help reduce asthma symptoms

By: Shivani Arora

Published on: Wed 13 Sep 2017 09:45 PM

Uttar Pradesh News Portal : A healthy lifestyle may help reduce asthma symptoms

Do you suffer from asthma? Daily intake of a healthy diet rich in protein, fruit and vegetables combined with proper exercise could help reduce symptoms and improve quality of life in people with the condition, according to a recent research.

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According to Researchers:

  • Asthma is a common and long-term condition affecting around one in ten people in the western world.
  • The majority of patients rely on daily medicine to control symptoms.
  • Such as wheezing, chest pain and shortness of breath and many are wary of exercise, fearing that it could induce symptoms.
  • There is increasing evidence that asthma patients who are obese can benefit from a better diet and increased exercise.


  • For the study the team worked with a group of 149 patients.
  • They were randomly assigned to one of four groups.
  • One group was asked to follow a diet that was high in protein and with a low glycaemic index (low GI).
  • Another group took part in exercise classes three times a week, which included bursts of high intensity activity.
  • While the third group took part in the exercise classes and followed the diet, the remaining control group did neither.


  • The results showed that a combination of diet and exercise improved both symptom control and patients’ quality of life.
  • As well as improved their level of fitness.
  • On average, those who took part in the exercise and followed the diet rated their asthma symptom score 50 per cent better compared to the control group.
  • Our research suggests that people with asthma should encouraged.
  • To eat a healthy diet and to take part in physical activity,Expert noted.

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