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JayVijay Sachan”Talent bomb” :: Exclusive interview

Jayvijay Sachan

JayVijay Sachan is a man with a very special gift of God that is his voice ! Uttarpradesh.org met the “self made man” of the comedy industry. Enjoy the complete interview of the talent bomb from our own city Lucknow!

“Our Talents are a gift to us from God, What we make of our talents is our gift back to God”

“JayVijay Sachan : Lucknow adopted me Completely “

JayVijay Sachan belongs to Hamirpur bundelkhand and came to Lucknow in 2005.

Telling about his journey in Lucknow he said that he won many competitions in Lucknow such as the stand up comedy competition during the youth festival and Lucknow mahotsav.

Though he had completed his masters once, he again applied for masters of Journalism from Amity University and at the same time joined a Radio Station.

After completing his masters he went to Delhi and things began to change.

In his words “लखनऊ की हवा में कुछ ऐसा था की धीरे धीरे बहोत अच्छे से growth होती चली गई ”

When asked about discovering about his talent of mimicry,Jayvijay told that he had be copying actors since childhood. Although being a child prodigy, he kept on practising his art daily and even got scolded by his parents alot of times for doing the same.

JayVijay also said that unlike other parents, his parents too were worried about his career and often told him to stop mimicking, but now they are happy to see his growth and and the fame that he had earned all by himself.

JayVijay Sachan
Jayvijay Sachan is a man with a very special gift of God that is his voice


He said that it feels great when parents from different sections of society come to him and say that they want their child to be like him.

When we asked about his journey from a media person to a comedian and entertainer, it is only him who knows his struggle when he was a media person.

Jayvijay told us that often people think that being in media is the easiest of all jobs as all you need to do is come and read the news and go but what they don’t see is the struggle of being unique in the media industry. He said ” If you are not unique, you cannot survive in media.”

Furthermore, He told that while he was in media , as an anchor , He kept on trying in India’s Got Talent and also got rejected many times and at last after being motivated by a friend he tried again and became the 1st mimicry artist of the country to have made it to the show .

When asked about his parents reaction when he chose the entertainment industry over his job as a media person, he said that it is all depended on individual experiences. Some think that its just a waste of money and resources while others think the way round. He also said that people these days who want to enter the industry through their talent are ready to do everything but take their education very lightly. ending up he said that it is very important for an individual to be educated properly no matter what job he does.


JayVijay Sachan
JayVijay Sachan

Someone very well said “Hard work beats talent, when talent does not work hard”

Used to trick people before getting into:

Jayvijay Shared some very personal memories of his college days when he used to trick people and talk to them on calls in different voices.

Reciting one such incident he said told that on Valentines’ Day he used to call his friend’s Girlfriend and talk to her parents in a girl’s voice so that his friend  could talk and meet to his girl friend. (He mimicked the incident for team Uttarpradesh.org )

Many such incidences include calling principal of school, he used to call his friend’s parents and to to him in his boss’s voice and so on.

Grateful to Kapil Sharma

Jayvijay Thanked Kapil Sharma and said that it is because of him that comedians and mimicry artists are now considered main stream artists. In addition he said that Johny Lever is a legend and one learns from these people.

He also said that these legends are the ones who motivate artists like him to go on and dream big.


Meeting Shahrukh was Life changing

Talking about his role model and inspiration, he said that it is none other than King Khan of Bollywood i.e, Shah Rukh Khan.

Jayvijay is greatly inspired by Shahrukh, and gives all the credit of his fame to SRK.

Furthermore, he also shared the golden words that Shah Rukh said to him when he met him and terms the event a life changing one.

He says that SRK is the only artist in the industry who motivates people to study no matter what age and circumstances come, one must not stop learning and studying which in turn is one of the reasons behind SRK’s worldwide popularity.

Talking about “Pagalpanti”

Jayvijay was asked about his debut film “Pagalpanti” to which he said that the shooting is complete and the film is set to release in December.

Furthermore, he said that he is very satisfied with his work in the movie and the audience will definitely enjoy the movie as he has worked very hard in it.

On Being asked about a star with whom he would like to work apart from Shahrukh, He said Salman. The reason he gave for the same was Salman’s Childish nature and the respect that one feels for him just by looking ,is amazing. He also said that he would once defiantly want to meet and mimic Salman face to face.

Love for writing

When we asked how does he like to spend his leisure time, Jayvijay gave a simple answer saying writing. He said he likes to write and whenever he gets free time he writes on any possible thing and topic. To be specific he love sarcasm and writing on girls.

Message to audience:

Giving a message to the audience he said that each and every one should respect women and never forget to wear helmet while driving a 2 wheeler or seat belt while driving a car as many lives are attached to your life.


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