One more stride by The National Green Tribunal (NGT) to clean stream Ganga had gone up on Thursday. NGT also ordered the removal and creation of landfill sites and garbage dumping areas within 500 meters area of Ganga. The arrangement will be executed for Ganga between Haridwar in Uttrakhand and Unnao in Uttar Pradesh.

Struggle for cleaning Ganga

  • NGT is continuously making efforts to clean Ganga.
  • Hearing Reagarding  cleaning and revival Ganga was directed as of late.
  • NGT Chairperson Swatanter Kumar claimed that a huge amount of money had been spent already in cleaning Ganga.
  • In conclusion,Swatantra Kumar said that the  desired results are yet not visible.
  • The amount spend for Cleaning of Ganga campaign is almost Rs.7,000 Cr.
  • Furthermore environmentalist and lawyer MC Mehta demanded a CBI enquiry into the spending of such huge amount of money.
  • “The amount spent on cleaning of Ganga has gone waste.”said MC Mehta.

Penalty of Rs.50,000

  • The green tribunal belt has announced a penalty of Rs.50,000 on anyone dumping waste near river Ganga.
  • The NGT had also directed the Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand governments.
  • Further it has asked them to formulate guidelines for religious activities on the ghats of Ganga or its tributaries.
  • In addition to that the tribunal gave orders to complete various projects. These projects include setting up of sewage treatment plant and cleaning drains within two years.
  •  In addition Industrial units should be made free of the concept of zero fluid release and internet checking of affluent.
  • The NGT had given the shut down orders back in April for 13 polluting industries.
  • River Ganga had these industries situated along side its bank,tributaries and major drains.
  • In December, NGT imposed a ban on the use of plastic from Gomukh to Haridwar along the river.
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