Government makes significant investment in Agriculture during last five years .

New Delhi:

There has been lot many changes and advancement made in the agricultural budget in last 6 years. Apart from the farmer’s Bill that is being termed as “Anti-farm,” an analysis of data says a different story altogether.
The persistent increase in budget allocations for agriculture shows the priorities of the central Government. The budget for agriculture for the period 2014-19 is almost double that for 2009-14. Although the overall budget was 1.21 lakh crore in 2009-14, it jumped to a record high of 2.11 lakh crore in 2014-19.
In addition, the agriculture budget for 2020-21 is set at Rs 1.34 Lakh Crore, which is more than the sum of 5 years of the second term of the UPA.
The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has been allocated Rs 5,138 crore for the year 2020-21. This is 5.5% higher than the revised estimate of 2019-20. Research under crop sciences and animal sciences have been allocated Rs 965 crore and Rs 486 crore in 2020-21.
Additionally, certain other factors are added in 2021-22 Budget that includes Agriculture Infrastructure Fund that is to be made available for APMCs for augmenting their infrastructure. 1,000 more Mandis to be integrated into the E-NAM market place. Five major fishing hubs, including Chennai, Kochi and Paradip, to be developed, also a multipurpose seaweed park to be established in Tamil Nadu.
On the other hand, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s speech emphasised the government’s track record in paying minimum support prices (MSP) to farmers and the decision to allow State-run Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs) to access the ₹1 lakh crore Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF).
The central government has also paved a way easier for the farmers by introducing and enhancing its agricultural schemes. Schemes such as PM-KISAN, which have provided an additional source of income for both marginal and small farmers, have seen significant investment

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