Unemployment has reached its peak in the country, yet its horrific form is about to emerge. Which is a much bigger problem than the corona epidemic and its need to be taken care off and considered as national emergency

It is known that the Reserve Bank of India has presented the first quarter GDP figures a few days ago. In which very bad situation of India has been revealed. India has a GDP of -27.9% in the first quarter.according to Mohammad Mehtab Alam in simple terms we can say that it means that the money in the pocket of the common man has reduced. His income has decreased. Due to the shutdown of economic activities, there has been a decrease in all purchases and sales.

It is a simple matter when people will have money in there pockets. Only then will they spend in the market. And when they spend, then demand will arise in the market. And when there is demand, production will increase. It is a complete chain system, we are all connected to each other through this system. And the same thing is not being understood by Mr Nitish Kumar in Bihar and Narendra Modi at the center. This sequence was broken. Today, due to their dictatorial decisions, the wheel of the economy is not only broken but completly shattered
I would like to ask a very simple and a very logical question When testing was required to prevent corona, testing was not conducted. At that time, the world’s strictest lockdown was imposed. Couldn’t that time a smart lockdown could have been installed? In which economic activities would continue and strict physical distancing would have been followed in the rest of the congested areas. Instead of closing the production total, it could have been reduced. Working hours could have been reduced, but it was not done. Rather, all economic activities were brought to a stand still. Trucks and other cargo vehicles were intercepted.which resulted into the biggest loss the country we indians suffered the poor laborers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar sufferer.They were forced to flee from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Gujarat and all corners of the country withouth any proper mode of conveyence they literally walked miles many even died who is responsible for this for the innocent lives ?Large big companies started retrenchment of employees, as a result, the youth of Bihar have been harassed by unemployment more than COVID 19

Both Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have opened the henious path to ruin the youth of the country youth who is the pillars of the nation .Anchors to support our sinking economy one has brought Bihar and the other has brought the country to the brink of getting ruined . As a youth of a democratic country i ask them that why is it that they have been making such decisions one after the other. Due to which the youth has suffered the most and is on the path of unemployment. Take demonetisation only, a good economy was going on. Sir, comes at 8 o’clock in the night and announce the barbaric decision of demonetisation, then everyone saw what happened i dont need to highlight it it well infront of the indians . The GST was not implemented correctly, or rather the wrong GST was introduced. No such gst is there in any part of the world in any country and Lockdown was the last nail in the coffin of the countries economy and to the financial well being of an indian citizen..

Students from all over the country are running hashtag on Twitter against the SSC Railways and are demanding from government to take there exam as there joining is held and it should be done as soon as possible but the but This dumb deaf government is anti-student government, a boot licking goverment i only meant for Adani Ambani and there is no value of the students of the country, such government needs to be overthrown from there roots as soon as possible.

The NTPC Loco Pilot Group D form was applied 2 years ago, but its exam notification has not come out yet, now nothing is known about which agency will take the exam whether the exam will be conducted or not but Modi ji always speaks in his speech that which ever goverment vacancy will be there All the process of restoration will be done in 6 months, but today it has been 2 years, why is there no examination for the Railways, Mr. Modi we are asking for the answer.

Actually, these people dont think anything in favour of the common people and consider taking advice as against their pride. This is there dictatorial attitude, which has hit the youth the most. Youth is its biggest Victim, and has been pushed the into the epidemic and much deadly disease known as UNEMPLOYEMENT

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