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Viren Sharma loves Dogs more than Human

Viren Sharma loves Dogs more than Human

Viren Sharma loves Dogs more than Human.

MAD a famous name in Rajasthan; you might be thinking something else. Don’t go that side it’s Mad about Dogs which is run by Viren Sharma. He is the most popular name when anyone talks about dogs. Well, you might be laughing man name comes when someone talks about dogs. But this lad has made his name by taking care and bringing new Breeds of dogs in India. He has created unique relations with dogs as if it is part of his life.

Viren Sharma is known for organizing a big event on pets were you would get top celebrities taking part in it. Every activity which he hosts is a big hit as most of the top stars of various field especially comes to his events. Presence of top stars is because they get to see different breeds of dogs in his events which Viren especially brings from various countries.

According to Viren Sharma, he has seen more than 200 breeds of dogs until now by visiting various countries. Out of them, he has kept many at his place, and that’s the main reason for his success. He loves to do research on Dogs and learn the behaviour of pets which has made him a PhD without any degree and most of the celebrities who have taken dogs from him have learned behaviour and what dogs eat and everything. Many celebrities feel he is better than a doctor when it is related to dogs.

Viren Sharma wants to make the world’s most unique event in future where he wants to display most breeds of dogs in this event, and for this, he has also communicated to many of his celebrity friends and people like him who can agree on this and plan such event in the future. If such a thing happens, then, it will be the first and only event ever happened.

Here’s wishing Viren Sharma true Dog lover of India all the best. We hope he creates more awareness related to dogs in celebrities and the ordinary public.

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