Vidya Balan came together with actor Rahul Bose to stand for an organization Heal, which aims to eradicate child sexual abuse from society on Tuesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Vidya stated that we Indians are little bit careless when it comes to working with kids in reality shows.

Work with NGO Heal

  • Recently, Shoojit Sircar urged government authorities to ban kid’s reality shows.
  • He felt that shows play with the purity and emotions of children and a whole new debate started happening again.
  •  Reacting to that, Vidya said, “I believe internationally, when people work with kids, they only make them work for 4 hours and they also take care of their studies and sleeping habits but here we are little bit careless.
  •  In India, kid’s from morning till late nights are doing shoot.
  • There might be inspirational stories and talent that these children may have
  • But we have to make sure that we shouldn’t make them do Gadha Mazdoori (Immense hard work)”.
  • Vidya Balan spoke about supporting the cause through NGO HEAL, she said, “Rahul is doing a great job. When he approached for support I immediately said yes. I think if my being here helps anyone or enlightens even one person about this that if enough for me. ”
  • The actress also expressed the need for society to change the way it thinks,
  •  She said, “Earlier I used to think that these kind of incidents
  •  Only occur in villages and not in cities and middle class families but now I feel it is all crap.
  •  You can’t blame a person from particular background or an economic strata so it all a myth”
  • “There is a need to change the way people think and that can be done only if we all work together for it. The government will do its job,
  •  NGO’s will spread awareness but what are we doing to secure the lives of our children.
  • To make sure they feel safer within their homes.
  • I think we should at least do our part, and support in every small or big way that we can.”

Bored with nepotism

  • Vidya also had different take on same old discussion on the nepotism in the industry, she said, “”With due respect to everyone who embroidered this controversy, I am bored with this discussion on nepotism.”
  • “I mean I am seriously bored on who is on which side of the debate these days. I turn the next page of the newspaper the moment I see the word… Earlier someone has said something about that and repeatedly this issue raised by some or the other person but I am not interested in that all”.
  • Vidya Balan spoke about her upcoming film Tumhari Sulu, she said, “Mr. India’s song Hawa Hawaii is a part of Tumhari Sulu. I have performed along with Neha Dhupia and RJ Malishka for that song. It’s not any kind of take on Hawa Hawaii. It just a tribute to Sri Devi and the song. It’s a part of the situation in the film. I had a lot of fun while shooting for Tumhari Sulu. Currently, important work like editing which remains after shooting is going on.”
  • Furthermore she is now relaxed as she has to do nothing in the film now.
  • Vidya Balan finished shooting for Tumhari Sulu and is waiting for the film’s release. In the film, Vidya plays the role of a radio jockey.
  • It will release on 1st December 2017.
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