Mudda Hai “Bhook – The war”, the name of the movie itself suggests that someone is fighting against hunger, but the question arises here is here hunger is denoted in which sense? For Instance, the movie is based on what challenges is been faced by our country’s primary education system. The movie has been shot in Uttar Pradesh, capturing the essence of  the state, is directed by Mahmud Khan and co- produced by Mr. Raj Parikshit Singh ,who themselve belongs to Lucknow. 


Movie Mudda Hai “Bhook – The war” has tried to show rigging in the education system. In today’s world, education is a must. Rural Areas have less number of schools and there are not many schools catering to Under privileged Children. Indeed, education is a means to understand the world we live in and to create a better world for those that will follow the legacy we leave behind.Through this movie, the aim to to aware and encourage parents about the primary education and its value in every common persons life specially to those parents who restrict there children in getting education or only send their children at the Meal time. Movie explains that our further education will be efficient and beneficial for us only if the primary education will be strong. Through this movie Mahmud khan has tried to show the Hunger, Hunger not for the food or anything but for the education. 


Raj Gharana Film Production and Reel World Creation are producers of the following charismatic movie, co- producer by Mr. Raj Parikshit Singh, directed by Mahmood Khan. The film has the music by Vinay Gupta and Sharad Kumar Bhardwaj and ecstatic to tell that all the artists of the film are from Lucknow. Yash Baba, Vineeta Sharma, Vishnu, Siddharth Shrivastav, Sameer, Mark Dixit, Shakti Mishra, Sukhdev Sharma, Manju Gupta, Chandra Prakash Singh, Tanya Suri, Kunal Sharma, Divya Sinha, Surendra Pratap Singh, Ravi Shrivastav, Kavita Shrivastav, Sneha Shrivastav, Pooja Singh, Madhu Singh, Amit Sinha, Uttrash Bajpayee, Sufiyani Ali, Amesh Jaiswal, Garima Rastogi, Samarth Bansal, Nikhil Bansal, Pushpa Shrivastav will be seen. 
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