The mishappening of my life made me the person I’m today – Suhail Yousuf Shah

The mishappening of my life made me the person I’m today – Suhail Yousuf Shah

The traumatic experience .

The childhood trauma that one face is the worst. It lives with one through out their life. One such experience was faced by him. The sight of his mother’s body who was shot dead. To come out of it and living a life normal was a huge deal. Hardest thing thing for a 6 year old to overcome from as he grew. Still he managed to do so and build a thinking of his own. Differentiating between good and bad.

The incident.

The last time I saw my mother.

17 years ago, during a visit to my native village, Sogam Lolab, as an excited 8-year-old, my life changed forever. We were visiting after a long time. From Srinagar, we had traveled to north Kashmir’s Kupwara to reach the village. He and his siblings decided to stay and the same place and have fun whereas his mother decided to go ahead with the journey and stay at one of his uncle’s place.

He saw that militants make a routine visit to the localities and people offer them food and other things whatever they want and nobody have the audacity to say no to them.

The tragedy.

Militants visited the place where his mom was staying she went to fetch water for them when she came back one of them shot his uncle in the chest other shot his mother in her eye. Both died on the spot.

He says,” when he saw this neither him nor his brother could figure out anything. They were devastated “.

The life changing decision.
Even after this he decided to not be the one who take revenge. He maturely thought about it when the time came. He is a pro-indian.

Life experience.

Suhail Yousuf Shah has seen it all. Belonging from Kashmir he faced many hardships. There was no development and welfare done for the well-being of the people even after the funds provided by the government. People are brain washed against their mother land. Those who speak in the favour of the nation face consequences. But he wanted to over come all and establish a society who’s foundation should be based on truths and facts.

He choose the path of journalism.

It’s his job to show the real side of the society they live in and make people aware about it. His goal is to work in an international media company so he can develop his potential further. He also worked as a Content Writer, news editor and correspondent for 4 long years. He did his internship from film city noida.

Upon asking his views on article 370 he said ,” there is huge development and changes after that as the funds sent for the people is now actually reaching them instead of the authorities in power gulping them down.”

Being a journalist is not that easy. It’s more difficult in area’s like this. It involves a lot of risk if life and death. People threaten you to keep shut but you have to speak up against them. As that is your work and life motive to let people know the reality behind some events otherwise which will be remained unnoticed.
It’s all about the right decision you take.

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