Salman Khan revealed in an interview that for him, the pressure is not the box-office numbers but choosing the right kind of films.

He also stated that he does not get nervous before the movie releases but does before he signs a film.

Salman khan shares his view

As the upcoming movie of Dabangg actor,  Race 3 releases today, the actor is under pressure when it comes to box-office numbers as his movies have been mega-blockbusters, to say the least.
And adding to that is the fact that Race 3 releases on Eid. Or so you would think given Salman’s demeanour.

Interacted to Media

However, in an interview with Media, when Salman was asked about having box-office pressure, the actor revealed,
“For me, the pressure is not the box office, the bigger pressure is to do the right kind of film.
And then, the rest doesn’t matter. The film needs to have all the ingredients that my fans want.
They want to get entertained and learn something without being given too much.
gyaan. They want to see hard work, scale, amazing songs, action, punchlines and dialogues.
I try to give them that. Sometimes it works, and at times, it doesn’t. The major stress is to get a film like that.
Of course, everyone feels the pressure of numbers, and everyone wishes that their film is the biggest blockbuster.
Today, you can’t predict which film will tank and what will be appreciated.
Some of the films that I did earlier, which I thought would not do well, did extremely well. So, one can’t ever be certain of that.
On whether he feels the jitters on the first day of his movie’s release and Salman stated,
“I don’t feel nervous before the release, but I feel nervous before I sign the film.
I sign a film only when I am very sure about it. Sometimes, a film exceeds your expectations, and there are times when it does not. We have to make sure that as actors, we take it a notch higher every time.”
He further added, “Well, once a film has released and it is out there, it is up to the fans to accept it. I believe that fans don’t go to the theatre and pay so much money to hate the film. It has to be a really shitty film for them to dislike it. Once fans have made an advance booking, they want to see a good film. Even if the film is average, they will go and lap it up.”

Will you be watching Race 3?


Will you be watching Race 3?
Will you be watching Race 3?
So, Today the wait is all over Race-3 released and it’s on theatre.
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