Former Professional Fighter Chris Hall-Looks Back at His Empowering Journey-Shares His Story

When going gets tough, tough gets going, this is the mantra that former professional fighter Chris Hall believes in.

Today he is a remarkable name in the IT industry and has been making waves as a leader but before all this, he was a professional fighter.

Chris was born in rural Appalachia in Eastern Kentucky and right from the start, he was interested in the field of Competitive Powerlifting.

He was just 12 when he became inspired to get trained and try out different things in the field.

Eventually, he found his calling in the field of professional fighting and started training himself for competition.

Former Professional Fighter Chris Hall1
Former Professional Fighter Chris Hall1

In fact, Chris has three state records in power-lifting for bench press and he was was honoured to be inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

In 1995, he fought for the heavyweight championship of the world and in of his professional fights he had 29 KOs with 19 KOs in the first round.

One of the most interesting parts of Chris’s story is the fact that he did it all while he was still studying.

Speaking about the same Chris shared, “One of the most important things when it comes to professional fighting is discipline.

Former Professional Fighter Chris Hall2
Former Professional Fighter Chris Hall2

People get into the field for the fun of it but the truth is you need the dedication to make a name for yourself.

Even today I don’t forget to train myself and workout like this the discipline that has helped me to stay grounded.”

Chris Hall’s social media is filled such inspirational stories. Check him out on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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