Talented and beautiful Sara Khan is all set to feature in a stunning new music video, Tattoo
Boy, produced by Nadeem  Batliwala under Batliwala Production and says that forthcoming
the song is first of its kind in the music industry.

Sara Khan along with Angad Asija will feature in Tattoo Boy, which is produced by tattoo artist
turned producer Nadeem Batliwala, the track is directed by Vijay Bute.

Talking about the song and collaboration with Nadeem Khan, actress and singer Sara Khan
said, “Nadeem  Batliwala is a dear friend. The shoot was amazing and I am sure it will be even
better in time. I am so very happy to be associated with Nadeem Batliwala. And I am hoping that
this association leads to better things in the future. As we all know, Nadeem is famous for his
tattoos and when he approached me for the song, I was a little skeptical because I sing my own
songs, so doing a song for another singer, I was a little doubtful. But when I heard the song, I
really liked it and I went ahead with the song”

“I signed the song some three months ago. The whole concept of Tattoo Boy is very different
and has never been done in the market. It is first of its kind song” added Sara.
The song will mark the second collaboration between Sara Khan and Angad Hasija. Talking
about working with a dear friend on the song, she added, “And of course, my best friend is here,

Angad Hasija. The makers were looking for someone who had tattoos on his body, and Angad’s
the body is filled with tattoos, so I suggested his name and now we’re working together again”
Sara Khan made a successful transition from being a leading television actress to a popular

Talking about her love of music, she said, “Music has always been there, it has always been
there in my blood as well, but I didn’t have that surety about it, but when I came out with my first
track, only then I realized that yes, I can do this. Music is my first love. And now I am shooting

for Tattoo Boy song. The Shooting has been incredible. My producer, director, co-star, my

manager and everyone else is just amazing to work with”
The DOP for the song is Sameer sam.

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