Film Review Miत्रों: The most fun comedy movie of the year ‘Mitron’

Film Review The most fun comedy movie of the year Mitron

Film ‘Mitron’ has been released today. Jackie Bhagnani, Kratika Kamra, Pratik Gandhi, Neeraj Sood, Shivam Parekh will be seen in the film. This film was very much discussed because of its name ‘Mitron’. Prime Minister Modi often uses Mitron in his speech. Many times it has been said that this film can have a connection with the PM. But Director Nitin Kakkar clarified that the film had no relation with the PM.

Mitron Story: 

A carefree man Jackie Bhagnani(JAY) and a headstrong woman Kratika Kamra(Avni) who are brought together by destiny.

How the two overcome their overbearing parents and chart the course of their lives is what the film is all about.

How was the film:

The first half of the film is almost strong, as the story keeps your attention glued as it unfolds. But in the second half, with a wafer-thin plot that is extremely guessable, the film dips. It’s like a boring story that an elderly relative will narrate and you want to leave the room when that happens. The songs only work to elongate the suffering. Attempts like recreating Lata Mangeshkar’s ‘Chalte Chalte’ fall flat.


Performances by Jai’s friends, debutant actors Pratik Gandhi and Shivam Parekh stand out. Pratik, especially as the cocky loser, makes for some great comic relief. Where else Kritika Kamra plays her part well as a strong woman who is vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart. She makes the time she is on screen count. On the other hand Jackky Bhagnani mostly looks the part. It’s his most believable performance yet.

In short, watch this relatable comedy with your family, and come back with the laughs and a better understanding of generational gap.

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Reporter : Film Review The most fun comedy movie of the year Mitron

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