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Mohit Kumar: a young storyteller from India

Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar: a young storyteller from India
Stories are the invisible threads connecting everyone’s heart. They form a bridge between reality and fantasy. Stories help us to grow both emotionally and mentally by understanding another person’s perspective of the world. In today’s world where everything is changing in the speed of light, stories have been reconstructed too. Micro-fiction has evolved as a showstopper in a world dominated by social media presence and the pioneer of this change, The Scribbled Stories is co-founded by Mr Mohit Kumar.
Mohit is a 20-year old content aficionado who had a desire to tell stories from his heart and turned his imagination into reality, giving shelter to millennials under the shadow of his words. His last page notebook doddles full of ideas and visions saw the sunrise in the form of this online platform and the numbers give their own testimony. The active online audience of over 2 million readers, writers, poets and artists engage with the content 3 steps beyond the organic ‘like’.
Primarily a Content Curator with The Scribbled Stories, Mohit also leads the  Brand Collaboration Team. From pitching to the potential clients in presenting the campaign reports, he is involved actively in all the core steps. The Scribbled Stories has done a lot of collaborations in the past years, from NGOs to Bollywood Movies. Mr Mohit Kumar is a two-time TEDx speaker who has influenced and ignited the hearts of many writers all across the globe, inspiring them to follow their passion. He also takes content workshops all across the country very actively. Currently, he is busy working on his debut book, travelling, and focusing on the first-love of any writer, reading.  Mohit is also a TEDx Curator who is ensuring that content creation has a bright future ahead and the readers get to read it, the way they want it.
Every big corporate depends  on storytelling as a primary tool of marketing. In today’s world where everyone craves for the tiniest of details, time becomes a differentiating factor. Microfiction narrates an entire story in 25 or lesser words, keeping the theme intact. Apart from microfiction, The Scribbled Stories has also rolled out multiple content formats like Snippets, Open Letters, Poems or Stories. Enthusiasts from all around the globe send their submissions in these formats and wait for the magic to unfold as they get featured in the platform as a published writer.
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