Mehdi Abouelmahassine has come a long way from the last five years. His journey for Graphic designing started in 2015. He was always creative in his work, and that has helped him grow faster in this field, especially in sports and athlete designing.
[penci_blockquote style=”style-1″ align=”none” author=””]Mehdi Abouelmahassine Graphic King of 21st century.[/penci_blockquote]
 He never thought his love for the video game would inspire him to join Graphic Designing as his career. Yes, you read it right he loves video games, and by seeing graphics in videos games, he thought he could too do the same. To think and to execute on that thing needs skill and hard work to and Mehdi has the talent and creative mind to work in this field and he has also done hard work to reach this level in his life.
Mehdi Abouelmahassine Graphic King of 21st century.
Mehdi Abouelmahassine Graphic King of 21st century.
After completing Graduation, Mehdi joined diploma of architecture where he studied regarding graphics designing. As he was a fan of video games, he wanted to create graphics for sports wears, logos, banners and all for athlete and sports companies. Mehdi’s creativity is different from other graphic designers, he doesn’t like to work traditionally, he wants to create new things, and he doesn’t care for results.
If you see Mehdi’s logos and designs which he has created for some of the clients is simply excellent and unique too. He keeps designing simple, and he works according to clients needs, but with that, he always gives his unique touch, which makes design look fresh and eye catchy too.
Mehdi has already become a successful graphic designer in a short time; his client list holds many top names of sports people and athletes.
Mehdi knows how to use a 3d concept design and also knows when to give an extra touch of colours or use solid colours for the design. He is master of 3D max, ZBrush and Adobe software. He uses this tool to bring clients dreams into reality.
Mehdi is currently giving his creativity for fitness models, and also sneaker designs. Some of his sneaker designs are just awesome, even Nike and other companies footwear companies don’t have such designs for footwear. Mehdi’s latest model in sneaker in camo green colour is chic and looks solid too. Even his concept design for Vqfit sneakers is also lovely to visit his Insta page type “mehdidesignone” and enjoy his work and latest designs.
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