“Veganism is not a fad, it’s a healthy, lifestyle choice,” says Mallika. Long before veganism became a fad all over the world, Mallika Sherawat had already embraced this trend. In Mallika’s words, she has been a vegan for 15 years. Mallika has already been giving us fitness goals with her photos in different yoga poses and now she is looking to spearhead the vegan movement in India.

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Being a vegan means shunning all sorts of animal products, including milk, and milk products.

It’s a step further from being a vegetarian because typical milk derivative products like yogurt, ghee, butter, and cheese are also cut out of the diet. The movement has caught on especially in the United States, with several vegan restaurants cropping up.

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Mallika noticed many different vegan restaurants and vegan alternative foods in the USA.

Given the rising levels of obesity in India, she has now decided to promote veganism. For a milk obsessed country, she has decided to change this by tying up with a friend’s restaurant chain. Her love for vegan food comes from her favourite high-end vegan restaurant called Crossroads, whose Vegan Eggs Benedict she raves about.

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She said, “Yes I have a lot of plans to promote veganism in India.

I’m joining hands with a friend’s restaurant to introduce vegan offerings to the Indian palate. I plan to rope in international chefs to whip up some delicious dishes. Once people see how nutritious and delicious vegan food can be, they’ll switch to a healthier dairy-free lifestyle.”

With her continued focus on health, this will definitely be another feather in her cap and provide a boost to the vegan movement in India.

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