Lok Bista (Loka Music) s new address will be with Bollywood top names.
Hip Hop and Rapping started in the 1990s. Usha Uthup, Bappida, Dalerpaji, Baba Sehgal began to new kind of music in India which worked for some time. Then come Honey Singh and all who lifted Rap music in India. And with Ranveer Singh’s movie on Rap- Gully boy it has given another floor to this music in India. Now we see lots of young ones enjoy this music in parties and concerts.
Rap music has created new music in the Indian music industry and B-town. So many young talents are making their way in B-town with his unique voice and style.  Most of them are winning the hearts of audiences with their Rapping.
We came to know about one more talent who is extraordinary when it comes to Rapping. This gully boy comes from Mumbai called Lok Bista. Man he has that swag like a real rapper should have. Every song you will see making people happy and crazy with his voice and rhymes.
Lok Bista is hugely talented as he has the knowledge of all the genre, and his lyrics are new and fantastic. With his lyrics and voice, his line is also innovative. He feels the music better than the most rappers of India.
Lok Bista is good reader and writer too, yeah he doesn’t look like, but he is because it is not easy to speak full lines in one go that to in rhythm. The only actual rapper can do it, and Lok Bista aka Loka is a real rapper for sure. Whether it is Hindi, Marathi or English, he kills it with his high-speed lines in his music.
Lok Bista is not a follower for sure he is the creator of style and songs with his Rapping. He is collaborating with top names of the industry, and it is helping him grow faster than others in the market. He is the future of the Bollywood for sure. He will deliver many super hit songs by his own Albums and singing in Movies.
The success is near for Lok Bista as he has already started working in top channels like MTV and he is getting offers from the top producer for making a new album. Well, it would be interesting to see how he goes from here. One thing is sure Bollywood is his next destination.
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