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Leena Bhushan : A one-stop solution for all your bridal makeover needs

Leena Bhushan

Leena Bhushan : A one-stop solution for all your bridal makeover needs


Weddings are an occasion wherein every bride aspires to look her best and needs the absolute best in town.

Just like the bridal lehenga, your makeup artist really can make or break your entire bridal persona.

A good makeup artist understand the staple technicalities but a great wedding makeup artist knows how to amplify your best features, minimize those flaws and make you shine, shimmer and sparkle on your special day.

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So behold all your worries, sit back and browse across this  supremely talented makeup artist Leena Bhushan

Leena Bhushan is immensely prevalent in the makeup industry and ranks as one of the top bridal makeup artist.

Leena and her team provides customized makeovers for every occasion ranging from pre-wedding to post-wedding looks.

With her exquisite makeup technique, she adds glamour in a distinctive and individualistic manner.

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An expert in contemporary airbrush makeup, Leena is proficient in client servicing and ensures your experience is completely hassle-free.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your bridal makeover needs, then she is the choice that you should definitely make.

It is an innate desire of every girl to look her best and fabulous for all the wedding functions and for this, you need to choose a good makeover artist to give you a dream-like makeover.

Leena Bhushan will ensure that you look stunning and graceful as a bride on your Big Day.

Here are few queries we asked the expert Leena Bhushan.


How do you prepare different skin types before applying make up?

Well we need to analyse the skin first .Dry , Oily or Combination that is usually done by touching and feeling the skin and then proceed with the primer suitable for there skin type

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If a customer asked you what’s the most suitable foundation tone for them, how would you help?

If a customer ask for right color foundation I generally suggest them thin layer and exact tone for the day time and one shade brighter for the night outs


Imagine a customer asked you for a makeup style that was unsuitable for them. How do you handle it?

If a client ask for the different type of hairstyle which is not suitable then I usually take them in the front of the mirror and try a few hairstyle roughly and explain them about their face shape , occasion and outfit
The loook has to come together just right ,Generally they understand what I tell them


Choose your favorite cosmetic product and sell it to me.

My favourite cosmetic product would be Nars and reason would be the perfect base it gives to the skin and base is the integral part of the makeup
If that sets right then the eye Makeup and everything else falls in place


What would be the effect of analogous/complimentary colors in makeup?


Imagine you make a mistake while you apply makeup to a customer. How do you handle it?

When I goof up sometimes first thing I don’t panic and don’t ever let them know that I did goof up
And then almost everything can be fixed


If you had to choose makeup according to lighting, how would you go about it?

Makeup according to the lighting
Day light makeup has to be really really light and less layering cuz even the tinniest of makeup shows in the day light
Lashes and eyes also has to be on the natural side
Where As in nighttime makuup on the stage in warm lights u can give the heavy base ,heavy eyes , heavy lashes


What fascinates you about this line of work?

What fascinates me
It’s the part where u have to meet new clients , new faces , new locations and new outfits and the excitement of doing makeup on different skin types and different features


Tell me about two season makeup trends you find interesting

Makeup trends 2019
It’s all about pop of pinks and foiled lips which really excites me for spring summer 2019


How would you rate your knowledge of the color wheel? How about skintones?

My knowledge of colors r very vast and I try to give play with different colors but my fav color pallete would still be earthy colors

Do you have any sales experience?

Yes I do have sales experience
In the beginning of my career I used to take bookings myself on the phone
Now I do have a team

What cosmetic products do you use on a regular basis?

I use Nars , Anastasia Beverly Hills
, Armani n Estée Lauder


When and how do you clean your tools?

We have to clean our tools and and brushes on the daily basis cuz hygiene is everything and u have to use fresh brushes on the brides



Tell me about a time you had a very stressful day at work and how did you handle it?

Yes usually what tires me the most is the traveling part and it’s still hard to handle


Recall a time you had to face a frustrated customer who wasn’t satisfied with the hair or makeup services you provided. How did you handle it?

It has happened only one time that my client wasn’t satisfied with the Makeup cuz I gave her nude lips instead of red but later on she thanked for the look


Have you ever had a conflict with a coworker/supervisor? How did you resolve it?

Yes sometimes the conflict happens with the team members but luckily my team is very supportive and understands my style of working .
They make it a bit easier for me ,I am blessed that way.

Services Offered

From pre-wedding to the wedding and post-wedding functions, Leena Bhushan has personalised makeovers for every occasion. She is ready to go to extreme levels when it comes to client servicing and that includes travelling outstations so that your experience is hassle-free. She is experienced and well-trained as a makeover stylist and gives you a bridal look which will suit your personality and sense of style.

They have a plethora of hair and beauty of services which will transform you into a gorgeous bride. They also have various bridal packages which you can customize as per your budget. The services offered by them include:

  • Airbrush Makeup
  • HD Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Friends and family Makeup
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Extensions
  • Eyelashes
  • Shampoo
  • Draping
  • Nail Services
  • Makeup service at the venue

How they work

Face Stories by Leena Bhushan has been creating gorgeous makeovers since the year 2013 and will ensure to give you a radiant and beautiful makeover by enhancing your natural features, like your eyes, by highlighting them or by contouring your face, if required.

She uses high-end makeup brands to give you a flawless finish for the functions. She will make you look one-of-a-kind in your Bridal Avatar.



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Reporter : Leena Bhushan : A one-stop solution for all your bridal makeover needs

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