Laughter is the best medicine, says multitalented Actor Dr. Lalit Shokeen

There is one thing to remember your roots and then there is Lalit Shokeen who is spreading his culture while being away from his country and that too in the form of laughter.
His videos are always trending in YouTube India.
Dr. Lalit Shokeen1
Dr. Lalit Shokeen1
With more and more people turning away from TV and watching Youtube, YouTube has become one of the most popular platform for entertainment.
People like content that is relatable and Lalit Shokeen’s videos strike that very chord.
With all characters and stories from real life and real backdrops his 177 videos are something that you can watch with your whole family.
His YouTube channel LShokeen Films has about 3 million subscribers and he is one of the first individual youtube creators in India.
A journey that started from sheer love in storytelling and poetry in his childhood, transformed into passion for filmmaking while living in the US.
While still working Lalit bought a DSLR camera to fulfill his passion and made a funny video with his mom about that very experience.
The video was instant hit and then there was no looking back. Lalit started uploading weekly videos and is doing that from last 4 years.
The touch of Haryanvi and clean content became so popular that he was awarded ‘Haryana Gaurav Sammaan’ from Haryana government in 2017.
With the love of his fans ever growing Lalit is now full time in this profession and is working on a Feature film based on Harayana. The project is still in the writing phase.
They say laughter is the best medicine and indeed Dr. Lalit Shokeen is providing the daily dose to his audience very well.
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