Jackie Shroff attended special screening of his upcoming short film Shunyata on Friday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Jackie revealed that working in Shunyata reminded him of his old Teen Batti days.

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A gangster’s emotions:

  • Jackie Shroff has special connection with Teen Batti an area of South Mumbai.
  • He was the resident of that from his childhood to his younger days, talking about his experience working the film, he said, “Experience has been superb.
  • I like to work with new directors. I have been through lot of directors so for a director who is young
  • and new with different and nice ideas, I am always there for him.
  • Through my character in Shunyata, we have tried to depict the emotions of a gangster and
  • what drives people to live outside the so-called laws of civilized society.
  • It also reminded me my old Teen Batti days.
  • I was a rough kid as I used to live alongside road and I knew lot of things from that world.
  • When Chintan came and narrated this story to me, I like the theme of this story that’s why I did it.
  • Furthermore my character in the film doesn’t want kids to do things
  • what he has done in his life that is thought process behind this film.”
  • Talking about Royal Barrel Select Large Short Films as new platform to promote new directors, Jackie said,
  • “It’s a great platform for new filmmakers as they find difficult to showcase their talent.
  • It’s my 5th short film and I will continue doing short film because I feel as a senior and establish actor,
  • it’s my duty to support new talent in this industry and I feel there should be many more talent platform like these”.

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Always been fascinated with gangsters: Chintan Sarda

  • Talking about Shunyata, Chintan Sarda said, “Shunyata is based on crime, a theme I have always been fascinated with.
  • Real life gangsters make a fantastic character study, who are almost always on the path of self-destruction.
  • His edgy street lingo, intensity and his powerful persona were important for Madhur’s character.
  • I would really like to thank Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films for the incredible work that they are doing.”
  • Shunyata is a story of a hitman, who leads a life full of regrets and an extremely bleak existence.
  • However, life gives him a second chance through an unusual friendship with a street kid who has a makeshift tea stall.
  • Shunyata is backed by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films and it is directed by Chintan Sarda,
  • who is known for his work as an assistant director in Don 2, The Shaukeens and Raaz: The Mystery Continues,
  • Furthermore, it stars Jackie Shroff and national award winning actor Machindra Gadkar.
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