Get to know Digital Marketing & Viral Marketing Pioneer Jagrit Pratap Singh

Get to know Digital Marketing & Viral Marketing Pioneer Jagrit Pratap Singh

If you’re a driven professional in the digital marketing space it’s likely that you’ve heard of Jagrit. But even if you haven’t, there’s a high chance you’re following at least one of his Facebook Pages.

Jagrit Pratap Singh, who lives in Noida has racked up tens of millions of followers across his network of entertainment outlets on social media. Jagrit runs a network of Facebook pages totaling up to a whopping 6 million USA-based followers and his page’s content reaches over 15 million people every week. His Facebook pages range in niches, from automobiles to dogs. His area of excellence is with the US audience, since he began working online. He’s been in the organic viral marketing business since 2012 and in the internet marketing business since early 2010’s. Jagrit established excellence in the viral marketing business way before we were introduced to the ‘virality’ phenomenon.

Besides making videos go viral and generating traffic for websites on Facebook, Jagrit’s company, Hiptoro Private Limited, has been operating as a service exporter, exporting services like handling high value e-commerce websites and advertisement management for customers around the world, helping them scale their businesses to new heights.

Jagrit’s company, Hiptoro Private Limited, established early excellence in increasing revenue by utilizing any and all monetization features known to mankind. Jagrit’s combination of groundbreaking ideas and his technology-based experience has made him one of the most successful social media entrepreneurs in, and from India.

Jagrit is definitely someone a lot of the Indian youth looks up to. Upon talking further he mentioned that he was never good in academics and was always worried about what he was going to do in life. But he worked hard, and continued to do what he was passionate about. Even without having any prior knowledge, or experience on how online businesses work, he continued to learn and grow, proving that bad grades don’t define your capabilities. Recent events show that he’s also become quite popular on Twitter, posting content that is often motivational and positive.

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