Subhash Ghai is best known for his movies like- Pardes, Ram- Lakhan , Khalnayak and many superhits.

He is going to make film based on the life of controversial guru (Acharya Rajneesh) known as ‘Osho’.

Why Biopic On ‘Osho’ ?

On asking about why a biopic on such controversial person, director Subhash Ghai replied “Why not? I think our country is in need of Osho’s thought process the most right now”.

He also said that most of the policymakers of the country read Osho (books of Osho) but hide it. They have recognized the potential of the personality.

Subhash Ghai said that there is an internal thought and external acceptance. The internal thought makes you trust and believe there is no God but you do not express.

The director explained that all these confusion about internal thoughts and god is described by Osho.

Osho makes you explore more than what you know and makes you believe in religion, God and caste.

Who Was Not Controversial ?

Osho’s Biopic is going to be a court room (Legal Drama) drama.

Ghai himself is the reader of Osho books and is inspired by these books.

Recently he made an announcement at the Cannes Film Festival this year about osho’s biopic.

Subhash commented “Was Jesus not controversial? He was nailed in the middle of the street. Gandhi was not controversial? He was shot dead. So, tell me… who was not controversial?”

He added, “Whosoever has tried to go against the norms of the society has created a controversy.” So as Osho.

This biopic will not be same as the earlier documentary on Guru Osho, it will be a different film.

During his lifetime Acharya Rajneesh was viewed as a controversial new religious movement leader.

In the 1960s Osho traveled throughout India as a public speaker.

Bollywood Influenced by Political Drama will make Narendra Modi’s biopic

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