Deepika Padukone has opened up about her equation with Ranveer Singh. As everyone knows that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are one of the most loved Jodi of bollywood. Ranveer always shows his love to Deepika. When many of their contemporaries keep their personal life under the wraps, Ranveer Singh has been vocal about his love for Deepika. And off late, Deepika, too, has been openly talking about her equation with Ranveer.

There are rumours flying about their wedding:

There is so many rumours about Ranveer and Deepika Padukone’s love relation and Yes! about their marriage too. According to sources Ranveer and Deepika are getting married in the end of the year. After long-long time, Finally Deepika admits that Ranveer is her man! Before this she never committed about her relationship with Ranveer Singh but now, she openly talked about Ranveer.

Ranveer is a kind hearted man:

In a conversation she said Ranveer is a kind hearted man. She added, “People always talk about his mad energy but there is something more about him to know.”  She further said he is an extremely good human being. He is kind and good to people. He is very real, emotional and sensitive. He is a man who is not afraid to cry and she loves that about him.

She further talked about Ranveer’s role in Padmavat, “The first time I watched him onscreen since we never had any scenes together. I cannot think of any actor who would have done this role and brought in the kind of intensity he did with Khilji. It was an author backed part but he made Khilji his own. He gave justice to the menacing part of Khilji. Audiences had to hate him to love his work. Actors are usually scared of doing negative roles for the fear of being typecast”.

After a solid courtship for over four years, fans now want them to get married. There are rumours flying thick and fast that the two are set to get hitched this year after Anushka Sharma, Sonam and Neha Dhupia.

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