On Father’s Day every one is sharing their thoughts via social media. Celebrity kids are also wishing their fathers through cute message. And Deepika Padukone also, talks about her father.

She shared some memories from her childhood and revealed so many secrets of her Dad. As everyone know that she loves her father a lot and there is a rock solid relationship between them. She shares a special bond with her Dad Prakash Padukone. 


One thing that brings immense joy to him is to see me relaxed with no work tension:

On the occasion of Father’s Day, she openly talks about her daughter-father relationship. She shared that her father can not she her in tension and phone calls irritates him. Deepika revealed, “One thing that brings immense joy to him is to see me relaxed with no work tension and no telephone calls. Our idea of a special outing is to just sit and talk. Those moments are precious because gems come out of that. Sometimes, there is financial advice, most times, it is about catching up on what is happening in my life.”

Deepika thinks her Dad is the best teacher:

She thinks Her father Prakash Padukone is her best teacher for life. Whenever she wants to discuss something, for that she always trusts her Dad. “The most important thing for us and for them in bringing us up is being a good human being. I remember he said that you can have all the stardom and success in the world but if you are not a good human being you will never be remembered. If you are a good person then it trickles in everything else that you do.” Deepika added.

Badminton To Acting: Dad was always there for me

Deepika Padukone’s Father Prakash Padukone is a well known Badminton Player of his time. Deepika chose a totally different profession from sports. In her early days, she played Badminton but she moved to Modelling and Acting. Her Dad Prakash Padukone always supported her for choosing the right career. And the result is here that she is the most famous, versatile and demanded actress on Bollywood.


‘I love everything my daughter does’:

While talking about her career choice, She said, “He is ‘I love everything my daughter does’ or let’s put it this way – the excitement is always there. I hope haven’t disappointed him in the last couple of years, in terms of my film choices but I don’t think that he will never see wrong in something that I have done. He’ll always see something good only in what I have done. Like ‘Oh. this was entertaining.’ The critics in the house are my mum and my sister, my sister especially.”

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