&TV’s famous comedy show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain has been ruling the hearts of audience since a long time.

Fans of this show never leave a single episode of this serial.

Specially the role of Angoori bhabhi which is loved by everyone.

Upcoming twist will make your jaw drop:

In the upcoming week the show is bringing a new twist that’s going to make your jaws drop.

Our favorite Angoori Bhabhi character which is played by actress Shubhangi Atre is going to be murdered!

Before you jump into a shock,let us tell you some more about this unpredictable,

yet comic twist to Vibhuti’s heart-breaking dream of Angoori’s murder.

You will see panicked Vibhuti Narayan Mishra (Aasif Shiekh) making attempts to save Angoori from being killed.
Vibhuti in his dreams can see a person dressed in a yellow raincoat

and a black hat about to shoot Angoori Bhabhi.

The latter only pleading for her life in front of the murdered makes Vibhuti surprised.
After his dream, Vibhuti suspects everyone around him to protect his beloved Angoori.

Whether it’s Tiwari ji or Anita Bhabi, Vibhuti suspects everyone.
whereas Teeka, Malkhan and Tillu have fallen into trap of suspects and cannot escape from Vibhuti’s eyes.

Finally, the night arrives when Vibhuti makes a plan to save Angoori in by any possible means from the murderer.

Is Vibhuti be able to save her beloved Angoori?

Sharing his thoughts on this new twist in the serial Aasif Sheikh said, “Our aim is to keep the audience laughing and we have always found different ways to do so. This time around, we thought of exploring the theme of an exciting murder mystery in Bhabhiji and bringing out a comic side to this as well. Our viewers have loved the fact that there are various plots and every week there are new sides to their favourite characters, I am sure they will enjoy this one too!”

Well, Hope this twist in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain will make Audience laugh more.

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