Anil Kapoor, who has been a part of all the three films in the Race franchise.

According to him, shooting for Race 3 had been the most exciting one.

Anil Kapoor: When you have Salman Khan, a film is a hit at box-office

As we all know Actor Anil kapoor is the one who is a part of all the three Race-3 Franchise.

Each time, for Anil Kapoor the experience always has  been a different one.

In every part of Race-3 we have seen him in a different avatar.

According to him, shooting for Race-3 is always exciting one.

Anil Kapoor: When you have Salman Khan, a film hits at box-office
Anil Kapoor: When you have Salman Khan, a film hits at box-office

He discusses about the gap between three parts of Race-3-

In an interview, he said, “There have been gaps between all the three parts, so obviously it becomes fresh every time.

But this has been the most exciting one.

There was something which was very positive about it in terms of the journey and the actors.

We shot the film in six months — kab shuru hui, kab khatam hui pata hi nahin chala! Everything went like clockwork.

Working with Salman (they have done No Entry together) and Jacqueline (Fernandez) again as well as Remo (D’souza, director), Bobby (Deol), Daisy (Shah), Saqib (Saleem) and Freddy (Daruwala) for the first time was wonderful.

We don’t know the film’s fate at the box office.

Nobody can predict it, but the journey has been fantastic.”

When asked about the other two part being thriller and this one being given the treatement of an action entertainer, he said, “You go according to what the script demands.

Here, the scale is much bigger.

When you have Salman in a film, the scale automatically goes up.

His movies can afford to do that.

We have tried to make an entertaining flick.

This is made for a larger audience.”

Anil Kapoor also added,

He also added, “Families and kids didn’t really go to see the first two films.

They were more for a certain section of the audience.

That’s why though they did well, their business was not as big as blockbusters.Salman has a fan base, and you have to be careful with that.

You can’t take it lightly.

It’s an action and musical bonanza as well as an Eid release, so don’t intellectualise it.

Race 3 still has its twists and turns, but they are more relatable to the family audience.”

Anil kapoor is always been appreciated

Anil Kapoor look in each part is always been appreciated by all his fans and audience.

But this time he is all set to play a different role than the previous one.

On this, he told the media house, “Yes, it has completely changed.

In the first two instalments, there was a funny side to my character.

I was an investigative cop.


The humour was underlined — he loved eating fruits! In this, I am the head of a family.


He has many sides to him, but he is not funny.


In fact, he is more dramatic than the first two films.”

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