The credit of changing the definition of a ‘Desi Girl’ completely goes to the Piggy Chops of Bollywood, or also known as Priyanka Chopra.

Angry Indians bang Priyanka Chopra latest episode of Quantico:-

Play up fashion-

Angry Indians bang Priyanka Chopra latest episode of Quantico:-

She is versatile not only in her acting but also in the dressing style. Her elegant style, boldness, beauty, and confidence have always grabbed the attention.

Likewise, in the movie ‘Dostana’, Chopra has justified the sexy sari look in the ‘Desi Girl’ song.

Her confidence has added a sizzling look to the famous dance number. Not only in reel’, life but also in her real life she is truly a diva.

Controversial Episode of Quantico-

But her recent episode of Quantico made Indians angry and lead to controversial episode. Due to which, it seems that the tag of “Desi Girl” is taking away from her. At least that’s what the internet is hinting at with their sudden outrage against Priyanka Chopra’s latest episode of Quantico.

Quantico’episode showcasing Indians as terrorist-

According to the most controversial episode of Quantico had a sequence showcasing Indians as terrorists. It was predominantly a few men planning to bomb Manhattan but the fact was that these men were Indians plotting to put the blame on Pakistan has not gone down too well with the Indian audience. People are getting angry and calling out the show for showing Indians as a terrorist and framing india incorrectly and shoddily.

Not entirely blaming people-

It’s quite surprising and unexpected how Quantico has landed itself in a controversy, few days before going off air.

But we don’t blame the Indians entirely, for banging this segment.

Keeping everything aside, mostly indians who have been following Quantico is because of it star Priyanka Chopra and then when you see the show defaming India, it will surely pull them back.

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