Anastasia Belotskaya~ A bewitching rising star in the modelling industry.
Modelling and Fashion industry is a very competitive industry and tough to get the name established in it. And it is a very big deal for a person who has no clue of any forthcoming challenges after getting into it. For a person with literally no background and no idea about how things work out there, is a big thing. But as they say where there is will there is always a way
Anastasia Belotskaya : A bewitching rising star in the modelling industry
Anastasia Belotskaya is one of those set examples of an individual who established herself on her own terms and is a literal Self-made model. Since she belonged to a very simple family her Father is a truck driver in Moscow and her mother is a real estate agent. Coming from such a small and simple family and getting her self established. She had no clue about how attractive she was for others as she was very disparate sort of person and never thought of modelling ever before. But the tables turned when a famous photographer saw her in the subway and asked her out for a photo shoot. Past then she was very young and was just 18 and she was a student of class 11th. Anastasia realized her passion and started her career as a beginner but she got recognition too soon because of her spicy and sweet personality. She was one of a kind and it took least efforts for people to realize that.
We wish her all the luck and may her future gets brighter and brighter as the days pass by.

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