22-year-old Pakistani entrepreneur Fahad Sharif reveals one business advice he swears by

22-year-old Pakistani entrepreneur Fahad Sharif reveals one business advice he swears by


In the digital marketing industry, everybody talks about growth and how to achieve it. However, not many people are honest about their struggles in the industry. This is why being around people who come from a humble background is important as they are honest about their journey. One such person is Pakistani digital marketing expert Fahad Sharif.


He is the man behind Alecto Media LLC, which is a UK-based digital marketing agency and is also one of the fastest-growing agencies internationally.


His journey to fame has been inspirational and he knows how to show off his success as well as stay rooted when need. While he loves to collect fine things in life such as luxury vehicles and more but he also remains honest about the fact that it is always a lot of work to maintain growth in the digital marketing industry.


In a short span of three months, he has successfully gained over 50 clients from all over the world. Due to this, he has made his agency, one of the most sought-after ones in Pakistan.


When Fahad was asked to reveal the secret to his success, he simply said that he is conscious of the competition in the digital world and he values hard work above all.

It is important to keep up with the latest trend and present yourself as a winner in the industry. To move forward, you must have positive thoughts and manifest your success in your mind first.


Fahad also has founded Travel Mag Pakistan LTD, which has become a platform to promote tourism in Pakistan and has gained attention from all over the world.


The young entrepreneur believes that it is not just your experience that makes you successful but it is your zeal to achieve things in life. If you fail to improve then you won’t be able to achieve success in life. So don’t worry about what people around you will think or say, instead just focus on your hustle.


Another important step that he believes in is to keep motivating yourself to know and learn more. There is always more knowledge in the world than what you know, so don’t limit yourself to just one trade or one website, instead, keep yourself open to any opportunity that comes your way.



These are the golden tips that Fahad swears by!

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