Aries :

You are usually quite direct about what you want and completely unafraid of going out there and getting it. Today is a little different, though — your mental energy is much more geared toward introspection than to your normal exuberance. Use this time to examine any feelings that might be holding you back. Once you do a little psychic gardening, you should find it easier to enjoy your life.Your lavish lifestyle draws many people towards you. But all of them are just fake and make false pretensions of loving you. 

Taurus :

Your normally placid exterior might be a bit more turbulent, thanks to various pricks and stings even those not directed at you. Your energy makes you able to feel things below the surface that you would otherwise miss, but the flip side of that ability is that you see slights that might not actually be intended as such. Take as little as possible personally today, and remember that you can’t know everything that’s going on with someone else.You are too serious and are probably over-thinking your relationship issues. Lighten up. Make it a point to spend time with your partner. 


Your mental energy brings you extra insight and compassion an extremely useful pair! Someone close needs a helping hand, and you’re just the one to supply it. You should be able to settle down and really listen to what they’ve got to say. These altruistic impulses can be addictive soon you may want to extend your aid not just to people in your immediate social circle, but to the community at large.You did not take out time to settle trivial issues. Today they have piled up to appear big. 

Cancer :

You need to take some time and really contemplate where you are and what you’ve accomplished of late before launching your next big project. Take some time and think about all the milestones you’ve reached until you fully appreciate the situation you’re currently in. If someone tries to push you into starting before you’re ready, firmly tell them that you’ll move when you’re ready to .The planetary positions reflect that some major conflict is coming your way.  no sooner and no later.

Leo :

Ambition is everything today, so go right ahead and flex those muscles to let everyone know that you’re a major player. Be careful, thought you don’t want anyone in a powerful position to view your actions as disrespectful. Go out of your way to convey the depth of your ideas and the passion behind your actions, and they are sure to be on your side.The time is right for romance. You need to show your partner that you do not take him / her or the relationship for granted . 

Virgo :

You’ve got way more options than you might realize, and a much wider range of opportunities than you give yourself credit for. It might seem unfathomable, but you need to give yourself a chance to explore every avenue available to you before settling on one. Just be brave and consider the road less traveled, because the present time is perfect for making connections and expanding your boundaries.Expand your range of activities with your partner by undertaking adventurous trips together and doing things which please your partner.

Libra :

You desires are close to the surface now. You’re like a snake shedding its skin somewhat vulnerable, but ready to shuck off anything that inhibits or restricts you. That might mean choosing the important  from your your wardrobe of items that don’t fit or don’t look right, showing a bore the door or just getting rid of a bad habit that holds you back. You’re feeling rebellious and ready to rock, but it’s no pose  these impulses come from a deep and trustworthy place.It is great day since you will be able to communicate openly to your partner. You have been looking for this opportunity since long .

Scorpio :

The spotlight is definitely on you as your personal energy amps up your already considerable magnetism and makes you practically irresistible. Expect crowds to gather as you leave the house you’re just that fascinating, both to folks you know and those you haven’t even met yet. While it’s tempting for some to rest on their laurels in the middle of all this adoration, you have no interest in just lying around doing nothing.The planetary activities have brought around a very noisy time in your relationship front.

Sagittarius :

Turn up the volume on that inner dialogue and really listen to what you’re trying to tell yourself. The message may not be crystal clear yet, but your guiding wisdom is trying to tell you something very important, so stop and listen before you miss it. Try meditation of some sort to access this part of yourself. It’s definitely worth the effort getting in tune with your inner self can help resolve some issues you’re having in the outside world.The day is good enough for wining and dining only . You will find many people hovering around you for your attention.

Capricorn : 

You need to dive deep and fast. Whatever you’re doing, dig in as deeply as possible until you think you’re close to hitting bottom. This applies whether you’re in a yoga class or trying to work the kinks out of a personal relationship or working at home . You can’t settle for surface solutions or superficial answers today, no matter how quick and easy they seem and you really understand the value of building things that last.You may appear to be confused to select the best among the rest .

Aquarius :

Perform in front of an audience doesn’t usually faze you much. Today, however, you may be feeling just a wee bit not protected to all and not protected in the face of some very deep, very private issues going on in your life. If you feel like you’re being pushed too far beyond your comfort zone at work or at play just say the word and pull back to consider your emotions in the privacy of your own home.You recently got patched up with someone in a romantic relationship. You have known this person since long but now you are stunned to see the turn side of the person.

 Pisces :

Is there a lifeguard on duty? If not, you may want to call on someone close to stand and watch while you hold your nose and dive into some deep emotional waters. Old business that you thought was forever sunk from sight might be making a nuisance of itself. Be as brave as you can while exploring what’s coming up. You may come back up from the depths with some flawless pearls . You are likely to be overwhelmed by a number of contradictory feelings now. In fact, you may be hard put to choose from among more than one possible romantic partner. 

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