How to remove negative energy from your house

 1 Negative energy: The energy of a space defines it — you might not see energy but you can genuinely feel it — a negative energy space can sap you of enthusiasm and make you feel dull and tired. 

2 Moving into a new house :Negative energy of a house can result in ill health and quarrels between a lot of couples — this in turn can lead to distortion in the family. 
3 Clear it off :If you too feel that there is too much negative energy in your house, here’s how you can remove it. 
Sea salt : Commonly used in Feng Shui, sea salts get rid of negative energy inside the home. You can place it in different areas of the house or even add it to your mopping water.
Corners of the house :Make sure that you keep the sea salt bowls in the northeast and southwest directions — they should be kept in an open space and replaced after every 2 months. 
Clean your room :Clean all your rugs and carpets once a week — these, along with dust and grime will also take away all the negative energy of your house.
Organizing :This apart, also remove things you do not need at all — throw away all clutter and replace it with new things. 
Tables and drawers :Regularly dust your tables and drawers. The dust that settles on it can attract a lot of negative energy in the house. 
Laundry basket :Do not let dirty clothes lie around in the house — make sure to keep all dirty clothes in the laundry basket only. Keep clothes ironed and neatly in the cupboard. 
10 Music :Do you know that apart from sleeping, you should not sit in a very quiet room — it attracts a lot of negative energy. Putting on some music can help alleviate stress and break the imbalance in the air. 
11 Open windows :Open up all windows and let some fresh air come in — this in turn will help improve the mood of the house. 
12 Meditate :A deep, relaxation meditation session will not only make you calm and composed but also better the energy of your house. 
13 Uplifting energy :A good meditation session will keep your mood uplifted for several house resulting in better energy of the house. 
14 Candles :This apart, lightning candles in the house too promotes good energy. Keep a corner of the house lighted by burning scented candles. 
15 Essential fragrance :You can also burn lavender, mint or eucalyptus incense inside every room of the home. These incense are harbingers of positive energy and can infuse the room with positivity. 
16 Re-arrange the furniture :The same old sofa can bring in negativity in the house — if you can’t afford new furniture, change the setting of the present one — move a few chairs here and there and change the sofa covers. 
17 Wide space : However, stay away from cluttering your space with too much furniture — the idea is to have as much open space as possible. 
18 Living plants :Indoor plants in the room add positivity and also provide good oxygen in the room. For best results, keep them in an open space in the living room. 
19 Prayer: Regardless of how your day has been say a prayer of thanks every night before going to bed. Counting your blessings doubles them as you go along.
20 Spray some essential oils :Spray some essential oils in your house — you can use them while taking a shower. These will add to the positivity of your house.
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