How To Read Your Palm And Predict Your Future 

Palmistry has been studied since ancient times and is still revered in many circles throughout the world. However, how serious should you take this art form is on you? For some, it’s purely illogical, and for others it’s amusing to predict the future. Especially if you can change stuff about one’s future accordingly, it’s always worth a shot. Even though this art is complex form, we tried to simplify it for you so that you can master your destiny.

Before moving on, the following is the basic information one should be aware of in order to read your palm right: 

For females, the right hand is what they are born with, and the left is what you’ve accumulated throughout your life. For males, it is the other way around. Ideally the women would need to observe their left hand reading and men have to observe their right hand lines. 

So now that you have chosen your palm, here’s how you read your future: 

 1. Life Line 

Most people know about this line. The life line runs from the bottom middle of the palm around your thumb. This line can be of various lengths and depths. Your life line says more about the quality of life as opposed to its longevity. This means if there are disturbances in your life line, you are prone to a bad time during that certain stages of your life and does not indicate any accidents or injuries. Those who are often stressed or who have chronic health issues will show a narrow or broken lifeline. 

 2. Head Line 

The head line is found at the edge of your palm running just above your life line. It runs along the palm and ends at its outer edge. It does not describe the emotional state of the mind or if there are any issues. It focuses on your intellect, creativity, the level of education and intuition. A head line which is short indicates that one is direct and solve problems quickly whereas the longer lines mirror to take a lot of time on complicated tasks before coming to a conclusion. Straight head lines indicate a clear and analytical thinking while curved lines show that you are more inclined towards creative projects. 

 3. Heart Line 

Now coming to the longevity and health issues. This line is seen as a semicircular curve beneath your four fingers. The heart line represents both the physical and emotional aspects of your heart. As with all forms of palmistry, different types of lines represents unique aspects of your health and character. A curved line signifies that you may be an “aggressive romantic” whereas if it is more straight then you are more subdued with your affection towards others. A steeper curve hints at more intense sexual desires. 

 4. Fate Line 

Now this is the line we have been looking for. It begins in the middle of your palm and will generally end toward the base of your middle finger. One of the amazing aspects of this line is how it can seemingly determine how much of a role fate plays within your existence. A profoundly deep line indicates that fate is more in control than your physical actions. On the contrary, weaker lines signify more free will. One that is broken can be interpreted as unexpected changes in your past or future. 

 5. Fame Line 

Do you want to know if you would be famous? Do you read your horoscope every day to find out your destiny? If so, keep an eye on what is known as a fate line. This is found at the lower part of your hand and it travels up to your index finger. It actually shows how well your hard work would be appreciated. However, do not be discouraged if this line is weak or does not appear at all. You could still create your fame. As before, a broken line signifies that a long and difficult road to success may be encountered in the future. 

 6. Travel Lines 

It runs from the base of your little finger along the inside of your hand before terminating somewhere between the middle and index fingers. This is your air miles line. This set of lines is not meant to indicate of how much you travel, but how well the travel has affected your life. A thick line indicates that your travels have made a very significant distinct impact. If you cannot see this line or if it is very thin, this could indicate that you would not travel much or that your travels do not impact you. 

 7. Relationship Line 

Relationships are indicated by the little line (or lines) that are located just below the base of the little finger. Several light lines indicate several romances whereas strong and clear line indicates marriage. One can also know about affairs if there are numerous overlapping lines. A fork in the lines towards the back of the hand indicates a long engagement and a fork at the end towards the palm means separation. 

 8. Hands Shapes 

Each hand shape is associated with certain traits: 

Earth –Solid values and energy, practical and responsible sometimes stubborn 

Air – Sociable, talkative and witty but are mean and shallow at times. Tend to do things in different and radical ways 

Water – Creative, perceptive, moody, emotional, introvert with a high level of intuition. 

Fire – Spontaneous, enthusiastic and optimistic but egoistic and impulsive at times. 

 9. Mounds

 A high Venus mount signifies a predisposition for hedonism, promiscuity, and the need for instant gratification. A non-existent Venus mount indicates little interest in family matters. 

The Jupiter mount shows that you are dominant, possibly self-centered, and aggressive.

A high Saturn mount indicates that you are stubborn, cynical, and prone to depression. 

The Sun mount shows if you are the quick-tempered, extravagant, and of the prideful type. 

The mercury mount talks about you being a shy or a talkative person.

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