How to Decorate Your Room According to Your Zodiac Sign 

Each of the 12 Zodiac signs has its own strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes — especially when it comes to home design and decorate your room.


According to astrology expert Molly Hall, people with the Aries sign can be described as, “a do-er, restless, a lover of challenge, ardent, a fighter, and dynamic.” It is also one of the signs associated with fire, which makes Aries naturally drawn toward “red shades, scarlet, fire-engine, and ruby.” We think an interior with bright red accents, reflective pieces (Aries’ birthstone, after all, is the diamond), strong concrete and stone planters, and hearty cacti reflects this powerful sign nicely.

Taurus :

Is very salt-of-the-earth, described as, “goal-oriented, sensuous, takes sweet time, patient, and a lover of creature comforts.” Represented by the bull, the sign is drawn toward, “earthy browns, shades of green, pastel colors (blues, pinks, greens), and white.” We think this earth sign deserves a rich, earthy-brown and green tribute. Via furniture featuring organic woods and comforting additions (the furry rug), a simple but richly and deeply-colored space is key to setting up the perfect Taurus interior.


“Curious, quick intellect, seeker of novelty, erratic, and fun,” is how one might describe a Gemini, an air sign whose personality reflects a scattered-to-the-winds quality. As such, the colors associated with this sign are “kaleidoscopic, sky blue, striped or spotted, and swirls.” AKA, a true Gemini is a lover of pattern and print, and can skillfully mix and match them with their adaptability to different situations. A room with gorgeous prints in a variety of colors is spot-on for the twins sign.  


For someone with this water sign, one could describe their personality as, “absorbed in moods, cautious around new people, senses undercurrents, nurturing, hidden strength, and pioneer of feeling.” Those with the crab as their zodiac are inclined to softer shades—colors such as “moonlight hues (pearl, silvery, soft gray, cream, milky white).” A Cancer will love basking in calming grays and whites, and luxurious pieces like soft throws that help them sink deeper into their moods and hone their inner emotional strength.


A Leo is considered, “proud, dignified, expressive, big-heated, ambitious, passionate, and a lover of adventure and risk.” It is a fire sign associated with the colors of the peak of summer, when this phase in the zodiac occurs. Shades like “gilded (gold), red, orange, and sunflower yellow” create the ideal palette for this larger-than-life sign. A room which puts these loud and proud colors to good use is perfect for the lion sign. Bright, vivacious pieces with a simple background really amp up the look for this charismatic personality. 


For those with the virgin sign, you can be seen as a bit of a perfectionist—”fastidious, always seeking to purify, lover of routine, sincere, conscientious, critical of self and others, precise, and articulate.” The colors associated with this sign are luckily quite bountiful, offering lots of room to play in spaces. From “white” to “muted natural colors like indigo, beige, soft primary colors (blues, greens, yellows), forest green, wheat field golden,” Virgo has the more organic looks all wrapped up. A room with dark indigo walls and precise geometric patterning does wonders for a Virgo, along with sleek counter tops and drawers that allow those with this sign to arrange everything just so. 


Libra, an air sign, is the perfect aesthete and design appreciator—”stylish, a lover of beauty and art, cultural, sophisticated, intellectual, and harboring social grace.” The personality that strives for a sense of balance—as represented through the scales—is drawn toward, “shades of blue, from bird egg blue to darker hues like cobalt, cerulean or ultramarine.” A space that manages to perfectly balance a variety of those shades in the spectrum will appeal to a Libra’s artful and even-handed qualities. 


The scorpion, an intense sign notable for its dangerous reputation, is recognized as, “soulful, probing, driven, mesmerizing, secretive, profound, deep healer, and no stranger to dark emotions.” This water sign fixed on powerful undercurrents seeks out colors like “rich browns and reds (the colors of blood), maroon, burgundy, black, blue-green, and algae-green.” A room featuring these dynamic, rich shades will serve the Scorpio well; it also doesn’t hurt to include pieces with subtle complexity or that make a bold statement, like a black wall. 


The Sagittarius is an amiable and go-getter sign, associated with qualities such as, “cheerful, athletic, a seeker, world traveler, philosopher (lover of wisdom), refreshingly honest, dot connector, and enlivening.” A Sagittarius is enlivened by the color “purple (as it is a sign of spiritual knowledge),” as well as “royal blue, reds, oranges and yellows.” A room featuring rich purple as a key ingredient is satisfying for the Sagittarius. Worldly, wanderlust-inspired accents are essential as well, which reflect those with the signs’ curious and exploring nature.   


The mountain-climbing goat behind this sign speaks to the “resourceful, hard-working, persistent, seeks place in establishment, fixed on tangible results, strategist” personality of the Capricorn. This sturdy figure, much like the Taurus, seeks out “earth tones” as well, but this time in a different area in of the spectrum—”classy navy or gray, black, dark blue/brown, burgundy, gold, rust-orange.” Organic shades of brown from copper and leather mixed in with dark navy and blacks are perfectly versatile for the Capricorn. This can’t-go-wrong palette is reflective of the enduring personality of the goat sign, which stands to the testament of time beyond trendy shades and pieces. 


The symbol for this sign is the water bearer, which is associated with qualities of, “quirky, accepting of all, otherworldly glamour, humanitarian, tuned in, and visionary.” The off-the-beaten path nature of this air sign suggests an inclination toward colors like “metallic silver and gold, electric or fluorescent shades of blue, green, violet, purple.” Aquarius ranges from “visionaries to eccentrics,” which means they’re willing to push creative limits and think outside-the-box when it comes to space design. Reaching for an unusual but stunning palette of metallic and electric colors is exactly what the water bearer sign needs to feel right in place. 


For those with the sign of two fishes, the personality is perceived as haunting and alluring, described as, “enchanting, mystical, devoted, undefined, ethereal, and expressing divine in art, music or dance.” With such emotive qualities, the water sign needs “iridescent shades, moss green, pearly, pure pink, sky blue and ocean green” to feel at home—or to have a space that contains accents that feel as if they are “luminously lit from within.” Dark blues and golds, shiny metallic and delicate branches evoke the traits of this sometimes frail, sometimes powerfully imaginative and expressive sign. Dark, probing blues and greens help to reflect the probing nature of this creative soul. 

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