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Mass cheating at centers major issue for up board

UP Boards Exams cheating

UP Board High School on Tuesday during the morning shift at the high school English exam paper first got out two hours before the exam. Nagra – bheempura five o’clock in the morning, two hours before the test paper code number 817 (Cl) had sold Students carbon copy of the resolution. Carbon copy paper solution in the region of 500 g was sold for Rs 2,000.

UP Board exams cheating

Official code number of the test paper 817 (Cl) solution from being sold for about 80-90 per cent carbon copy question today be found . Diaiaios about carbon copy of the said test solution to be sold before it is completely wrong . No such case has come to light.

UP Board Paper leak

On Tuesday, during the first shift of the examination paper leak was reported to harass the entire administrative staff. Information on the flying squad, came, at the time of the investigation team did not hand any evidence. DIOS Ramesh Kumar Singh denied any such case. He said high school English before starting the first test from anywhere Prsbnptr selling carbon copy of the resolution has not reported. It was just rumor spread by copying mafia , which is totally unfounded.

Such events clearly copying mafia in the state, the administrative arrangements and despite the government’s claims of copying Vihin exam cheating mafia are active. Keeping children’s future, the government is required to take steps to better direction.

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