Facebook tests WhatsApp shortcut in its app

Facebook tests WhatsApp shortcut in its app

Facebook appears to be testing a new feature which will allow the users to launch WhatsApp directly from its app.

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New Button:

  • A dedicated WhatsApp button showed up in the Facebook app of some users on the Android platform.
  • In addition,which acted like a shortcut to open the chat app.
  • The new button, which can be found in the menu area of the app, is currently available to a few users on the Android version of the app.
  • But might be available to some iOS users too.
  • There has not been any formal announcement by the social media giant.
  • And it is unclear whether it will become available to all Facebook users.
  • The feature was first reported by Facebook user Arvind Iyer, who said the new shortcut appeared after he switched the app's language setting to Danish.
  • The company has previously chosen Denmark for other limited rollouts like its standalone video-sharing app "Bonfire", the report added.
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Facebook also working on:

  • Facebook is also working on a new feature called "Instant Videos".
  • Furthermore,that downloads Facebook videos while connected with Wi-Fi to help the users save their data.
  • The "Instant Videos" would be similar to Facebook's hosted content format "Instant Articles" that loads faster than mobile websites.

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