Glam up your work wear with right jewellery

Glam up your work wear with right jewellery

Jewellery constitutes an integral part of a womans wardrobe and accessorising oneself with the right ornaments for an occasion is very important to lift up your styling essence. Things get a little tricky when you have to pick the right pieces for work. Pearl earrings to white stone bracelets, experts list some options.

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Few important tips for selecting the right kind of jewellery :

  • Choosing right pair of earrings for your office appearance is very important as it can make or break your entire look.
  • Therefore one should pick elegant earrings in serene pearls or gemstones that can impart a sophisticated look with their attractive designs.
  • Bold metallic rings look very stylish at workplace when they are worn with the smaller ones in the same finger, above the knuckle.
  • To let them shine, keep rest of your fingers bare.
  • Delicate chains or necklaces are more appropriate for office environment than big neckpieces.
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  • They add a hint of elegance to the attire without drawing much attention.
  • Buying high-quality, timeless necklaces are considered a sound investment for well-suited occasions.
  • One should never choose a bracelet with small tinkling bells as it can create a disturbance in the decorum of the office.
  • Rather one should opt for chic and modish tennis bracelets embellished with Swarovski crystals.
  • And white stones that can instantly uplift your confidence and grab the eyes of your colleagues.
  • Take your boardroom look a notch higher by ditching your simple round studs.
  • Break the monotony by opting for either bar shaped studs or small hoop earrings.
  • Opt for diamond or gold delicate bracelets or bangles which will give you a more professional look rather than big, chunky cuffs or bracelets.

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