Here's why your adolescent kid is at high obesity risk


Don't blame your adolescent kid for eating high calorie food -- he or she may not be able to control the urge for burgers, pizzas and french fries due to an impairment in a brain region linked to self-regulation, says a study.Read also:Night shifts linked with high breast cancer risk: Study

What findings suggests?

  • The findings have revealed that adolescents, who are at an increased risk of obesity.
  • In addition,have progressively less neural activity in circuits of the brain that support self-regulation and attention.
  • The study establishes that risk for obesity isn't driven exclusively by the absence or presence of urges to eat high-calorie foods.
  • But also, and perhaps most importantly, by the ability to control those urges.
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  • For the study the team used fMRI to observe relationship between neurological activity and risk for obesity in overweight compared with lean adolescents.
  • In adolescents who were obese or who were lean but at high familial risk for obesity.
  • Furthermore, they observed less activation in attention and self-regulation circuits.
  • Brain circuits that support attention and self-regulation showed the greatest activation in lean/low-risk adolescents.
  • In addition, less activity in lean/high-risk participants and least activation in the overweight/obese group.
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